Benevolence Policy

Objectives of the Benevolence Fund

"The objects of the Company (hereinafter called "the Charity") are the advancement of the religion of Christian Science, and the ministry of spiritual healing in accordance with its teachings, by providing financial support for the profession of Christian Science nursing generally by means of pecuniary or other assistance to persons who are or have been Christian Science Nurses."

The Benevolence Policy below shows the range of assistance we can provide. For conference funding, please use the specific Conference Funding Application Form. Otherwise apply using the Benevolence Application Form, or contact the Administrator for help.

Scholarship Fund Policy

Objectives of the Scholarship Fund

To support Christian Science healing by assisting financially members of The Mother Church to prepare for the ministry of Christian Science nursing in accordance with the Church Manual By-law, Art. VIII, Sect. 31, Christian Science Nurse. This financial support shall be directed principally towards, but not limited to, those who live and/or wish to work in the UK.

See the Scholarship Fund Policy for details. You can apply using the Scholarship Fund Application Forms, or contact the Administrator for guidance. 

Means-tested Grants

Some Benevolent or Scholarship grants are means-tested, as stated in the policies. For these, your application needs to include declaration of finances. Trustees abstain from decisions on any grants where conflict of interest might result.

Privacy Policy

You will be aware of the new GDPR data protection regulations in place from 25th May 2018. The following Privacy Policy summarises what personal data we hold and why. 

The Christian Science Nurses Fund (PTCSN) is the ‘Data Controller’ and may be contacted via the administrator at PO Box 5431, Brighton, BN50 8JF, telephone 01273 640694 or email  We use personal data for the legitimate interest of the charity in its activities as a benevolent fund for Christian Science nurses.

We hold your contact details for the following purposes: informing you of a grant decision, mailing newsletters, updating you on charitable benefits or administrative changes. We would never sell or give this information to a third party for marketing or commercial purposes.

Any sensitive personal data that you provide to us on application forms is used solely for the purpose of evaluating grants. We treat this data confidentially and would never sell it, nor give it to a third party for marketing or commercial purposes, nor share it with another beneficiary. In some cases we may share relevant aspects of the application with another party such as Christian Science facility or other Fund in order to ensure accuracy and the proper use of charity funds.

We do not store information about visitors of our website, other than a message and contact email if you send us an enquiry.

You have the right to request the information we hold about you, to ask for rectification, removal, or withdrawal of consent, or to make a complaint.

Please contact the Administrator if you have any questions or concerns.

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